Love Wishes? Now you can watch it anytime!


Every once in a while, Disney Parks Blog hosts live streams for events happened around Walt Disney World. With Magic Kingdom’s “Wishes Nighttime Spectacular” coming to an end on May 11, the website decided to share it one last time with its online fans.

Wishes made its debut on October 9, 2003 and has been delighting Magic Kingdom crowds for nearly 14 years. Wishes is best known for its beautiful score and breathtaking fireworks. Disney announced a new nighttime show, “Happily Ever After,” coming to the Magic Kingdom staring on May 12, 2017. I’m sure it will be great! But, I am sad to see Wishes leaving after all these years.

Wishes is a family tradition

My family and I try to make a viewing of Wishes each time we go down to Walt Disney World. We adore the music, especially “Starlight, Star Bright.” (I get a tear in my eye every time!) And, who doesn’t love Tinker Bell flying off the castle?!

Wishes became so popular, that it had spinoff shows included Happy HalloWishes and HolidayWishes! Both were amazing in their own right!

This year, it will be our last time watching. I’m grateful that we’ll have a chance to see it one last time before it disappears. However, many people won’t have that opportunity. Cue Disney Parks Blog to the rescue!

Wishes Live Stream Replay

On Thursday, March 23, Disney Parks Blog offered a live webcast of Wishes for fans all over the world to enjoy. However, not everyone who wanted to watch was able because of time differences, conflicts or other issues. So, on Friday, Disney Parks Blog posted a replay of the simulcast, which means we can watch it anytime! I highly recommend streaming it on your big screen tv to get the best effect! 🙂

At the end of the replay, make sure to catch the short sneak peek into the new Magic Kingdom nighttime spectacular “Happily Ever After.” The music sounds pretty darn good! I hope it captures the heart and spirit that Wishes was able to do!

Here’s the replay for your enjoyment!

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